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My Top 10 Xbox 360 Games! (#5 – #1)

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In comparison, and predictably, my countdown from 10 to 6 was far easier to compile than the following. I feel its worth prefacing my top 5 with how closely these games rub shoulders. Firstly, understand that I very much adore all of these games. They have each provided countless hours of enjoyment and have each, in their own ways, enriched the world of gaming- this goes for all of my top 10. Nevertheless, bulletpointing a top 5 would be the easy way out, thus I have tried my best to assign a ranking, though the differences from place to place are almost, if not entirely, negligible. The following 5 games have, in my opinion, transcended what it has traditionally meant to be a video game. All of these are an example of the unbound potential in gaming, in a time where technical limitations needn’t impede an idea. Read more…


My Top 10 Xbox 360 Games! (#10 – #6)

My gamerscore has just rocketed past the 25,000 mark and I thought it may be worth spending a moment talking about the amass of games that got me here. Now, 25,000 may not seem like a considerable amount to some and those not familiar with the 360’s achievement system may have no particular frame of reference. So, for the uninitiated, here’s a short introduction to the wonderous world of achievements. Each game, upon release, is designated 1000 gamerscore points. This number is usually increased through extra downloadable content. It is generally limited to around 1750 gamerscore (or ‘g’ for sake of abbreviation) with a few exceptions. Now, achievements are effectively mini-objectives unique to a particular game and earning such will impart a certain amount of gamerscore towards your overall total. Read more…

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