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2011: A Hero’s Journey

In 2011, the gamer found themself in a plethora of life threatening situations. In some cases the fate of a civilisation rested on our shoulders, in others it was a mere fight for survival. When we are stood before a game, we do not intend to play it for fun, someone is in need of our help! With the disk-shaped SOS, we ride into battle, controller sheathed at our side. If such situations arose in day-to-day life, it would force you to the limits of human ability where you would surely be left teetering. However, gamers stare deep into the eyes of adversity and shrug off fear to get the job done. When their mission is finally complete, do they stop? No. They go head first into the next chapter to restore what seems to be a futile harmony-and on almost a daily basis. There was no shortage of dire circumstances in the gaming world in 2011 and, while we may have briefly quaked, we knew what needed to be done and so we embarked on our perilous journeys. Read more…


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