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My Favourite TV Series

Having listed my top 10 xbox 360 games, I thought it would be worth doing the same with my favourite TV series.  2012 has been an incredible year for television. In fact, up until this year, this list would have consisted of just 2 titles. Likewise, if I was to limit my list to just those produced domestically (UK) then the first line after this paragraph would be “Thanks for reading.” I haven’t ordered the list, partly because I didn’t want to set myself that challenge, though mostly because I’d rather this was more of a recommendations list rather than a  ‘Top 6’. That said, these are my top six TV series of all TV series thus far. Unlike feature films, tv shows can offer an extended narrative which gives writers the chance to fully develop characters, include both a large story arc and smaller contained stories, and provide something that a viewer can become immersed in and committed to. Here are the TV series that, in my opinion, more than justify the invention of the television alone…
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