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Dear Esther…

I can’t really say that I’m much of a PC gamer. Despite having only bought my computer towards the end of last year, its lack of a dedicated graphics card prevents me from playing most of the PCs newer titles, as well as a sizeable chunk of its more dated assets. Although, even if my rig was powerful enough, I would still very much be a console gamer. My predicament means that I tend towards some of the smaller, less CPU/graphics card intensive games on my PC. The Onlive game streaming service does somewhat bypass my PC’s shortcomings but I tend to focus on the Steam service where I can conveniently download the games to my hard drive. My current benchmark for playable games on my computer was set by Portal. I have got Fallout 3 to work, but at the cost of pushing my graphics card beyond its physical limits. I recently heard about a remake of an Indie game called (as the post’s title suggests) “Dear Esther”. I found the game on Steam for a reasonable £6.99 and after a quick “can you run it” test and noticing it runs off of the Source Engine (similarly to Portal), I decided I’d try it out!

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Batman: From City to Asylum

Cool guys don't look at moons!

I’m not quite sure why, but back when it was fresh out of development, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about playing Batman Arkham Asylum. I had played the game’s demo and actually really enjoyed it. I used to watch Batman Returns regularly although that was some time ago. All I can really recall from my previous exposure to the Dark Knight is a very creepy Danny DeVito, the gadget intensive Batmobile and a law-breaking Catwoman. Of course I was aware of things like his sidekick, the Batcave, the Joker and Alfred, but what was the most prevalent was the fact he had no superpowers. I suspect that the latter was the reason I was never too interested in Batman. My memory of Batman Returns is clearly vague (I see the oxymoron) so rather than associating suave, stealthy and unmeasurably brave to Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego, my perception became heavily influenced by Batman’s portrayal in the occasional cartoon. I was pretty much oblivious to the original realisation of the Cape Crusader by DC comics and so I was a little taken aback by the impressive but unusual style (unusual to me at least) of Arkham Asylum. Read more…

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