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2011: A Hero’s Journey

In 2011, the gamer found themself in a plethora of life threatening situations. In some cases the fate of a civilisation rested on our shoulders, in others it was a mere fight for survival. When we are stood before a game, we do not intend to play it for fun, someone is in need of our help! With the disk-shaped SOS, we ride into battle, controller sheathed at our side. If such situations arose in day-to-day life, it would force you to the limits of human ability where you would surely be left teetering. However, gamers stare deep into the eyes of adversity and shrug off fear to get the job done. When their mission is finally complete, do they stop? No. They go head first into the next chapter to restore what seems to be a futile harmony-and on almost a daily basis. There was no shortage of dire circumstances in the gaming world in 2011 and, while we may have briefly quaked, we knew what needed to be done and so we embarked on our perilous journeys.

Below are a collection of crises that gamers found themselves in during 2011:

  • After surviving a vicious attack on your ship, it soon materialised that someone you deeply cared about, of whom’s death you even seemed to witness, is still alive and you must find them to quench the onslaught by enemy forces.
  • You awoke from cryosleep in a familiar, but dilapidated, environment. With nothing more than a specialised gun you had to navigate whats left of the factory and solve dangerous puzzles to escape the facility in which you are entirely alone, save the surviving AI.
  • A section of your city had been closed off and the most notorious villains had been permitted to roam free within its walls. Having campaigned from the outside to shut it down, you soon found yourself fighting the establishment from the inside in an expanse rampant with crime and danger. Being the man you are, you found yourself on everybody’s most wanted list.
  • When you came around, you were on your way to execution, for a crime you had no recollection of. But your execution was interrupted by an unexpected attack. If Dragons terrorising the land wasn’t enough, you soon realised you are Dragonborn and the hopes of the region rested firmly on your shoulders. You were forced to come to terms with your unique abilities and begin the ultimate quest as well as help people along the way… as if you weren’t busy enough!
  • As your eyes slowly came into focus, you found yourself in a strange but oddly familiar world. With nothing but the shirt on your back you had to adapt quickly and get to work finding shelter, securing something to eat, negotiating expansive caving systems and defending yourself from the world’s hostile inhabitants.
  • When you visited a small English pub with one of your pals to meet someone under the guise of a trade, you became privy to a conspiracy that saw you hot on the heels of your key ancestor and treading the dunes of Arabia.
  • Even in a state of stasis, you weren’t safe. Having just finished the fight and having a well deserved rest, your mind wandered to previously fought battles, namely back to your first encounter of the Halo ring. But the environment seemed oddly visceral. And then you felt that bullet hit your armour. You weren’t simply remembering, your were reliving the battle.
  • You probably are in need of a break by now, but instead you picked up from where you left off a year ago on a journey to find your ancestor’s Great Library, but you do not receive a warm welcome, even though you had quite a tiring trip. You must head to Constantinople under the noses of the Templars to find the keys to the library door .
  • You tried fitting a vacation in somewhere but what was supposed to be a relaxing getaway became a fight for survival. Your fellow visitors to the Island had been hit by an infection which caused them to try to prevent your attempts to get off of the Island.
  • You may have played Dance Central 2….
  • Great beasts that had plagued the landscape long ago had returned, but with the wisdom that comes with age you could see what was going so much more clearly. However, again your sweet heart had been captured and you must fell each of these Colossi once more to rescue her.
  • Despite having no previous experience, you applied for LAPD and catapulted through the ranks. You solved case after case, many of which would have escaped some of the most shrewd minds on the force. But the job rooted itself into your personal life and, as cases got more difficult, the job was harder to handle.
  • As a younger, blonde-haired self, you found yourself dreaming of a strange figure. As you completed an important rite of passage, the Princess was sucked into the dangerous Hyrule. It soon became clear the you had to be the one to pursue her.
  • When you ventured into New York, you were greeted by a city succeeded by the jungle and infested with aliens. Upon donning a futuristic Nanosuit you were propelled to the forefront of mankind’s battle for survival and you were charged as its only hope. Unfortunately, a misunderstanding meant you had been marked for capture by those you were trying to defend.
  • It seems like you should avoid dosing off as that is when the problems begin, nevertheless you grabbed some shut-eye. Alas, when you awoke, the world around you had been destroyed. You gather a couple of things and soon find yourself on an odd platform from which you can rebuild the world. With your personal narrator following close behind, you set off to collect the cores required to save your world.
  • Suddenly it was many years in the future and the world had changed hugely. Artificial augmentation is the norm and after an attack you found yourself in need of the technology. You were soon implicated into a major conspiracy.
  • As the year came to a close, you set up a home in an alternative universe, surrounded by many other gamers who had a similar idea. But you arrived as an already weak peace settlement began to reveal some cracks. You must choose a side and follow the path of Light or Dark, leading them to victory and avoid what may soon become an intense conflict..

Phew! It was quite a busy year, and this list isn’t even the whole story. Luckily we have achievements/trophies as symbols of our hard work 😀

Here’s to an even more hectic 2012! I hope you all have a great year!

Thanks for reading 🙂


PS. Check out this cool video by Gamespot, it inspired me to create this post 🙂


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2 thoughts on “2011: A Hero’s Journey

  1. All of these synopsis are really well-written, but my favorite by far has to be the one about Dance Central 2.
    Superbly put.

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