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Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows – The Review

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows | Warner Bros. Pictures

Robert Downey Jr. steps once again into the shoes of literature’s most shrewd and cunning detective, accompanied by his partner Dr. Watson who is portrayed magnificently by the talented Jude Law. Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows, the sequel to the highly acclaimed 2009 film, paints a tale of mystery, conspiracy, friendship and an unrelenting battle of wit. Director Guy Ritchie again manages to stay true to Arthur Conan Doyle’s original depiction of Holmes whilst adding his own adjustments that makes the movie feel at home in 2011. Despite being an extremely astute character who is many steps ahead of anyone else, Holmes doesn’t distract from the sense of tension and turmoil in the story which permits the danger to feel very real, under which circumstances Holmes brilliant mind shines even further. Robert Downey Jr. plays a very loveable and accessible iteration of the detective and is truly believable in the role. The film carefully balances action with intelligence and, although there is a liberal sprinkling of Victorian mannerisms, the quick-witted banter and core values are never lost in translation. Read more…


5 ways to revitalise the “Shooter”

The evolution of the video game industry has seen the breadth of variety expand greatly within each of its genres. The Roleplaying game, for instance, encapsulates games such as Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed and World of Warcraft and, even though they fall under the same umbrella, they are wholly distinct. The same is true for the puzzle genre. Portal 2 and Ilo Milo seem to be worlds apart (and very much are, Ilo Milo drove me crazy!), but they both take advantage of similar devices (i.e. they are games of puzzle solving). Most genres have this divergent property, where the core ideas remain the same and are intrinsic to the gameplay but the developers have somehow managed to take these simple properties and make a plethora of entirely different games- very fractal-esque! However, one genre that seems to be tending towards convergence is the shooter. Read more…

Modifying Minecraft: The Source Code

If you have spent any time on Minecraft, you’ll surely be familiar with the wealth of mods available for the game. Each and every one of these have been created by a member of the Minecraft community by simply accessing the code that is responsible for EVERYTHING you see and interact with in Minecraft and making their own, inspired adjustments. This code is fairly simple to access and the mods are very simple to compile, it’s the stuff in between, namely the programming itself, that will take the most patience and careful consideration. I am by no means an expert in programming in Minecraft, and far from it in general. Nevertheless, even the simple ability to spot certain patterns will get you well on your way to creating your first mod and this will give you a real example of many programming ideas in practice. Read more…

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