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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening!

This is my very first post, not only on this particular blog, but any blog- ever! So it’ll be fairly short and perhaps not brilliant (but I’m not making excuses!)

I’ve started this blog for the following reasons:

1. I was curious

The internet seems to be saturated by people, I guess now much like myself, who simply want to get their views and ideas onto a stage elevated beyond what is generally practically achievable outside the realm of the world wide web. The advent of sites like youtube.com and twitter.com -other sites are available (though I would recommend these ;))- has facilitated the ability to rapidly distribute your ideas and thoughts in the form of a “vlog” or a 140 character sound bite, respectively. I don’t really want to express my thoughts on the psychology involved because this is just an introduction (plus I can’t be bothered to gather my ideas just now) but I appreciate the satisfaction of actually having your ideas, opinions and ramblings heard, watched or read by another person(s -hopefully :D)

2.I enjoy to write

I’ve always oddly enjoyed writing essays. It contributes largely to the reason why I chose to do a History A-Level. Much like finishing a complex maths solution (aaah, you should expect some posts on that subject [in retrospect, not so much]) there’s a great deal of pride when looking at the final article of a fully realised and clearly articulated argument or what ever the purpose of the text (even if i do say so myself!). I think a lot of my enjoyment came from the fact I had learnt to structure essays in such a way that I could take tangents and weave them through the essay. In other words I would start to add perhaps excessive detail simply because I found the topic in hand interesting, I’d realise I was taking the essay in the wrong direction but notice that I could run my way back into a relevant point. Before I knew it the essay would be done, I’d actually fairly enjoyed writing it and fortunately the finalised version was to a high standard… not to blow my own trumpet of course 🙂

3.I want to write about what interests me, i.e. Game [Reviews], in a suitable environment

The problem with posting game reviews on sites like IGN, Gamespot or in the customer review section of game.co.uk, is that they can quickly be drowned out. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t do so, on the contrary, putting a review on somewhere like game.co.uk is pretty much where reviews ought to be. Where your review can advise someone as to whether or not they should make that all important purchase on a site where their core value is as an outlet for games. On the other hand, such reviews must also be taken with a pinch of salt. You may see a review from one customer, for instance, highly criticising a game with little constructive-ness, it may be fair to say this is an entirely valid opinion and one you should take into consideration when compiling your ‘cons’ list. But, what if all this particular customer’s reviews are like this, or he/she has a heavily bias view? You’re not to know and may accept it as an entirely sincere take on the game in question, preventing you from purchasing it and you’ll never get to experience the wonder that is the Mojave wasteland. So, I felt that, by posting reviews on a personal blog, I could create an identity and substantiate my views. Of course I don’t want to limit myself to game reviews so will most probably talk about other things in gaming or even interests entirely (or partially) detached from gaming, like Maths 😀

4.Another blog

Someone I know has just started their own blog. He is on a teaching course so…well take a look for yourself!:


“It feels like there are teachers who forget that if they want respect, they have to show respect; it is something you earn, not force upon people…”

He already has a post up about his observations on the channel 4 TV show “Educating Essex”, you should expect him to upload a whole range of insightful posts. If you are interested in teaching or are already teaching and even if you are in neither bracket, it would be worth your while keeping tabs on his blog and to primarily support him!

I’m sure I’m probably missing quite a bit out but I feel I’ve covered the main 4 reasons above.

Hopefully I can get my first official post completed soon, then this thing will be up and running!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

(I guess it wasn’t too short :D)



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4 thoughts on “Post #0

  1. I really enjoyed this, and look forward to more of these posts! (I think point 4 stood out as the best… truly inspirational….)
    I fully agree about your opinion on peoples reviews being biased and not writing a well written review, ignoring the package as a whole. Of course there are nuggets of gold, but once again as you say, there diluted down and lost in the random chaos of an open message board!
    I am very much looking forward to your first review.

    Any idea’s what it will be?

    • Why thank you 😀
      I’m not sure if my first post will be a review, persé, hopefully I’ll be getting Skyrim next week so the first post may very well be about that game. But, as you know, Skyrim is going to be such an expansive game, if I was going to write a review that truly refelcts my opinions on the game I would have to first complete it and looking at my fairly hefty playing time on the previous Elder Scrolls title (as I’m sure you yourself matched ;)) that isn’t going to happen any time soon. So I should think my Skyrim post would be more a “first impressions” rather than a full review!


  2. Liam Chilcott on said:

    very well done, a great introduction to what i’m sure will be a great blog! I’m sure that you will have already found this out, but I hope to follow in your footsteps shortly. I should imagine that our blogs will be similar, we have commen interests (not so much the essay writing though).

    • Thanks 😀

      I look forward to seeing your own blog! Seeing as it looks like our blogs will have a similar focus I’m sure I’ll learn a great deal from your blog as I hope you will from mine!

      And…yeah…I should think that the majority share your attitude towards essays, I’m very much an anomoly 😀

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